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Slow Grown Farm

Heyshott Half Moon

Heyshott Half Moon

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The Heyshott Half Moon is made from the milk from our 100% grass-fed cows. 

Sold as a Half Moon, this cheese is buttery with nutty overtones.

Our cheesemaking process is slow and low input, relying on a strong fermentation of our milk to achieve the best flavours.

As our milk is 100% grass-fed, we respect this in our cheese-making and handle the curd with great care, gently hand-ladling into moulds.

We want our cheese to be a real reflection of our terroir; the land, the weather, the animals, what flora the animals are eating at that specific point in time.

Approximately 125g

Our Milk

Our cheese is made daily from the milk of our cows. Our cheesemaking process runs concurrent to us milking the cows and thus the milk could not be fresher!

The cows are 100% grass-fed and therefore their feed varies over the seasons as the different plants are growing.


Milk, starter culture, rennet and salt

Cooking Instructions

Ready to eat


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